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A Closer Look at Gameloft

In this article, we will take a closer look at Gameloft, a subsidiary of the Vivendi Group. This company is the world’s largest developer and publisher of mobile games. In addition to creating critically acclaimed games, it is known for creating entertainment platforms and high-profile partnerships. It is even known for ditching the traditional local multiplayer format from some of its franchises. This article will help you understand why Gameloft is so successful.

Gameloft is a Vivendi Company

Vivendi bought 61.7% of Gameloft stock in February, and is now taking steps to buy the French division of Ubisoft. The French conglomerate has already moved into a variety of industries, including advertising, film, and music. This deal could help the company worm its way back into the video game business. In addition, Vivendi has been buying up companies in several different industries lately, including the Universal Music Group and Dailymotion. However, the potential to buy a video game publisher could lead to a number of synergies.

Despite the hostile approach towards the game developer, Gameloft has consistently produced hits on mobile devices, including the popular Call of Duty series and the Asphalt series. The company also produces RPGs for touchscreen devices, including Dungeon Hunter and Modern Combat. However, the games produced by the company are sometimes accused of being “clones” of other properties. In response to these criticisms, Gameloft has defended its games by saying that they focus on quality over quantity.

It is the World’s Biggest Developer and Publisher of Mobile Games

Gameloft is a French video game company that has been around since 1999. Founded by Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot, it operates 18 studios worldwide and publishes games that target the mobile gaming market. Gameloft used to be a public company listed on the Paris Bourse. In 2016 it was acquired by media conglomerate Vivendi.

The company is one of the largest developers of mobile games, with dozens of titles that engage millions of users. While these titles aren’t necessarily in the App Store charts, they still have high download numbers. Vivendi, which owns properties in movies, music and video games, purchased more than 30% of Gameloft’s stock and is now offering 6 euros per share for the remainder.

It has a Community Platform for Games

Gameloft is a French video game publisher with a focus on mobile gaming. The company was founded in 1999 by former Ubisoft co-founder Michel Guillemot. It operates 18 development studios worldwide. Gameloft publishes games that are available for a variety of platforms, including social networking and mobile devices. Gameloft has been a public company since 2000, but was recently acquired by French media conglomerate Vivendi.

If you are passionate about gaming and have an excellent command of English, you can apply as a Community Analyst for Gameloft. The job description includes reviewing user-generated content, analyzing feedback and measuring metrics. In addition to analyzing feedback, Community Analysts also draft and post social media content across local Gameloft channels. To qualify, you must have strong communication skills, a great passion for games, and a knack for resolving online conflicts.

It has Ditched Local Multiplayer from some Franchises

While it’s no secret that some games aren’t worth playing online, Gameloft has been shunning the practice in some of its franchises. The first game to do so is Overcooked, a chaotic co-op cooking game. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been well received, and local multiplayer is a feature that will most likely not be restored in future versions.

It has a Large Lineup of Games

The world leader in downloadable games, Gameloft, has just announced its E3 lineup. Among the titles are games for the iPhone, iPad, DSiWare, PlayStation Network, and more. These titles will be on display at the Los Angeles Convention Center from June 15-17. Here are a few of the highlights of the Gameloft lineup. Let’s explore the games further.

One of the most popular titles from the Gameloft stable is Asphalt Xtreme. This sequel to the Asphalt series lets players explore off-road environments in rally cars and monster trucks. The game was developed between August 2015 and September 2017, and its final version was released on September 30, 2021. Then, Gameloft licensed the game to Netflix for a series of movies. The new movies, aimed at mature audiences, will be set in the same world as the games.



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