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You might have heard of the rhythm game called Beats by BNE Entertainment. It was created and published by the company for Nintendo 3DS in 2015. BNE Entertainment’s list of credits includes Classic Roots, Joshua Deperry, YoYo Records, and Avi Brand. The following is a brief overview of the company. If you haven’t heard of them yet, you should! Read on to learn more about the company and its releases.

Classic Roots

A rising First Nation producer and DJ, Classic Roots hails from Thunder Bay, Ontario. With a goal of making an impact on the music scene and electronica scene, the young artist is dedicated to spreading hope and positive vibrations through his music. Inspired by artists such as Daft Punk and DJ Premier, Classic Roots has perfected his sound using Reason 8 and drum machines. In doing so, he is establishing himself as an internationally recognized First Nation artist.

With his eclectic sound, Classic Roots creates a dancefloor full of danceable music. The music he creates fuses traditional Indigenous rhythms and sounds with modern house and techno sounds. His debut album Red Pill is an explosive mix of Indigenous music and electronic music. This Toronto artist also collaborates with Anthony Tomov, who adds an eastern twist to the song. The resulting mix combines dirty little stabs and hints of the original vocal.

Joshua Deperry

Classic Roots, based in Thunder Bay, Ontario, is a Canadian electronic music producer and DJ. He is an Anishinaabe who is best known for his colourful fancy dancing. His style is highly distinctive and combines traditional Indigenous dance moves with contemporary techno and house music. The style of his music is particularly effective in First Nations communities where he is passionate about encouraging the creativity of youth. BNE Entertainment is a company that promotes artists with cutting-edge, raw ways.

The Canadian native is known as DJ Classic Roots, and has performed at events like the opening ceremony of the North American Indigenous Games. He is known for mixing the latest beats with indigenous influences. Ascension Harjo, a dancer with the dance company Team Rocket, has contributed vocals to the track. He is also a part of the BNE Entertainment dance troupe. His musical talent has been recognized by a range of industry professionals and is a part of many cultural events, including upcoming festivals and live music performances.

YoYo Records

A record label headquartered in Hackney, London, YoYo Records is a leading producer of Afrobeat, Brazilian funk, soul, and jazz fusion music. The label’s VF Live series features DJs performing exclusive sets and mixes from their studios and HQs. The label has been active in the music scene for over 10 years, releasing several albums by both established and emerging artists.

Infected Mushroom, the latest album by YoYo, has spawned an international sensation. DJ Magazine has named the group one of the “Top 100” of mlody artists. BNE Entertainment also has its own music label, YoYo Records. The company has released more than a dozen singles through the label. The company also has plans for a full album in 2012.

Avi Brand

Brand New Entertainment is an Israeli record label. Founded by Avi Brand in 1990, BNE represented Island Records in Israel until PolyGram bought the label in December 1993 and transferred its catalogue to Helicon. Besides the BNE catalogue, BNE has signed exclusive licensing deals with Beggars Banquet, Free Form, Atomic, Ministry Of Sound, and Union Square. Its music is distributed worldwide through several independent labels and stores.



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