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Dev Joshi Joins SpaceX DearMoon CREW

Despite the fact that there have been a number of failures in the development of SpaceX’s dearMoon CREW, there is a positive attitude among the team of engineers and designers. After all, they have been working on it for a long time, and they believe that they can achieve their dream of sending people to the moon.

Dev Joshi

‘Baalveer’ star Dev Joshi is one of the lucky ones who will be joining ‘dearMoon CREW‘, the first civilian mission to the Moon. The mission was announced by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa last year.

The project was designed to take eight people on a free tour around the Moon, without a landing. The mission is also meant to inspire the passengers. The mission is set to launch in 2023. It will be a week-long trip, which will allow the crew to travel around the Moon’s orbit.

Maezawa had originally planned to take a group of artists on the trip, but later changed his mind. He decided to make it open to anyone from all over the world. He took applications from over a million people, but only selected a few. He posted his picks on his website.

The project was originally meant to send a team of artists to the Moon, but later expanded to include the rest of the world. The project is now searching for eight crew members from all over the world.

Launch date

Originally planned for 2023, the launch date for SpaceX dearMoon CREW has yet to be confirmed. However, the spacecraft is still in development and is currently grounded in Texas. It is awaiting approval from US regulators and environmental assessment requirements.

Originally, the mission was to bring a group of artists to the Moon. Now, it is being refocused as a lunar tourism mission. Eight passengers will be launched aboard the SpaceX Starship to the Moon. This is a first for the aerospace industry. The cost of the project will be largely underwritten by Yusaku Maezawa.

People included in the Crew

The main crew will include an artist, an actor, and an Olympic snowboarder. Other passengers will include a rapper, a filmmaker, an EDM DJ, a documentary filmmaker, a photographer, and a YouTuber.

The mission will take six days to reach the Moon and return. The spaceship will then retune to Earth from the lunar orbit. It is possible that the trip may be delayed, especially if the spacecraft does not receive its orbital journey approval.

Criteria for Selecting Fellow Passengers

Earlier this year, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa announced he would pay to take eight passengers to the moon. He was looking for volunteers who would not only be willing to go, but willing to support their fellow crew members.

Initially, Maezawa was planning on taking a group of artists on a six-day trip to the moon. However, he later expanded his definition of an “artist” to include people from all walks of life.

According to Maezawa, the “dearMoon” mission – the one he is planning to fly – will be the first commercial spaceflight for humans. It will travel around the moon on a SpaceX Starship rocket.

In order to qualify for the trip, astronauts will need to pass certain tests. Maezawa said that the criteria for selecting fellow SpaceX dearMoon CREW passengers includes a pre-registration, online interview component and assignment. He will be selecting eight individuals from around the world to take part in the journey.

Joshi’s dream of reaching the Moon

Among eight people picked by Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa for a private SpaceX flight around the moon is Indian actor Dev Joshi. This is Maezawa’s first civilian mission to the moon. He originally wanted to take a group of artists on a six-day trip, but later expanded the definition of artist to include anyone who is “an artist”.

Maezawa’s Hopes

Maezawa screened candidates for the project and interviewed each of them about their dreams. He also asked applicants about their childhood dream. The majority of the applicants were from India, but he also received applications from people from all over the world. The final selection of eight people was made from the 3 lakh applicants.

Maezawa has said that he is hoping that the crew will recognize their responsibility to leave Earth. The project is expected to be launched next year. During the trip, Maezawa hopes the crew members will see the beauty of the moon.



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