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Grassroots Development Meets Miguel Krigsner

Founder of the company MJF, Miguel Kragsner is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who has been living and working in Bolivia since 1990. He has become a well-known figure in the world of business and has achieved many accolades. He has a net worth of over $45 million, and is considered one of the richest men in Bolivia. His career has led him to work with several companies and organizations, including Coca-Cola and McDonald’s.

Born in La Paz, Bolivia

Currently, Miguel Krigsner is the president of O Boticario, one of the leading cosmetics companies in Brazil. He is also the founder of the Fundacao Boticario de Protecao a Natureza, one of the most important environmental NGOs in Brazil. He is also a philanthropist and has a huge net worth. He is also a successful R&B and pop singer.

Miguel Krigsner was born on January 9, 1950, in La Paz, Bolivia. His parents immigrated to Brazil when he was eleven years old. In Brazil, Krigsner started his career with a small downtown pharmacy. He later graduated from the Pharmacy department at the Parana Federal University. He studied biochemistry at the same university. He founded O Boticario in 1975.

During his high school years, he worked on record production. His first album was not released until 2010. He has been married and has two children. The family lives in a house that is owned by a billionaire, Carlos Santa Cruz.


Founder and president of Grupo Boticario, Miguel Krigsner has been a notable figure in the Brazilian cosmetics industry. His most successful business, O Boticario, is a high-end skin care brand that boasts more than 600 products. The company also has more than 10,000 employees in its native country, plus a few hundred more in countries like Japan, Australia and the United Kingdom. Founded in 1997, the firm is worth over $1.15 billion, a tidy sum for Brazil’s relatively small population.

The name of the company’s most prominent founder, Miguel Krigsner, is on every business card. One of his brothers-in-law, Artur Grynbaum, joined as a financial assistant. Although not a dynasty in itself, he is a major player in the business, and a member of several prestigious boards, including the aforementioned eponymous Boticario. In short, Miguel Krigsner is a business man who knows what he is doing.

Among the many accolades he has garnered in his short but eventful career, the most impressive is his philanthropy. The most noteworthy is his involvement with the Boticario Group Foundation for Nature Protection, a not-for-profit entity that is lauded for its innovation and philanthropy. A major component of this effort is its eponymous eco-initiative.

Net worth

Known as the CEO of the Brazilian cosmetics behemoth O Boticario, Miguel Krigsner is an entrepreneur, tycoon and environmentalist. He is also the founder of the Fundacao Boticario de Protecao a Natureza, the world’s largest non-profit environmental organisation. The Foundation is also the best known and the most successful of its kind.

Miguel Krigsner has been in the business of cosmetics since the late 1970s. After graduating from university in 1975 with a degree in biochemistry, he set out on his own and opened a small compounding pharmacy. His entrepreneurial streak continued and he started a venture capital fund dubbed the 2+Capital in conjunction with financier and fellow entrepreneur Artur Grynbaum.

One of the most important things Miguel Krigsner has achieved is creating a foundation to educate the public about the importance of nature conservation. The Foundation consists of three distinct areas of action: promoting the use of environmentally sustainable products, fostering cooperation and interaction between different players in the industry, and engaging the general public in the importance of protecting the environment.

Corporate Citizenship

Grassroots Development met with Miguel Krigsner last fall, and we wanted to know more about his corporate citizenship. We found out that he founded the Foundation Boticario de Protecao a Natureza, and that he’s invested 1% of the company’s annual gross income in social and environmental causes. He also co-owns a venture capital fund with Grynbaum called 2+Capital.

Krigsner’s company, O Boticario, is a major cosmetic company in the Southern Hemisphere. Its products are sold in Brazil and abroad, with more than 400 outlets in Japan. The plant in Curitiba, which produces more than 600 items, employs more than 10,000 people.



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