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Hymenectomy – Surgical Removal of Hymen

A Hymenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that removes abnormal extra hymenal tissue. It can be done on women with septate hymens, imperforate hymens or other congenital hymenal anomalies that cause problems with menstruation and sexual intercourse.

These hymenal anomalies are usually present at birth, but may become an issue after puberty. A hymenectomy can help relieve pain and discomfort caused by these conditions.Hymenectomy

What is a Hymen?

A Hymen is a piece of tissue that surrounds the vaginal opening. It comes in different shapes and sizes, and changes throughout life.

Formation & Occasional Issues:

The hymen is formed by fragments of tissue left over from fetal development. It is soft and elastic, and usually does not block the vaginal opening.

Occasionally, the hymen can cover the entire vaginal opening, causing problems with menstruation and sexual intercourse. This is called an imperforate hymen and often happens during puberty.

Tissue & Function:

A hymen may also tear or thin out during exercise, tampon use, masturbation, or other forms of vaginal penetration. Since it is a flexible piece of tissue, some people experience pain or bleeding when it is stretched or torn. However, most hymens do not bleed significantly from any form of penetration.

What is a Hymenotomy?

A Hymenotomy is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of abnormal extra hymenal tissue. It is often used to treat conditions such as septate hymen, cribriform hymen, imperforate hymen or microperforate hymen.

Shape, Function, and Surgery:

A normal hymen is half-moon-shaped, and it allows menstrual blood to pass into the vagina. However, when a hymen is enlarged or stretched open from exercise, inserting a tampon or through sexual intercourse, it may cause problems.

A hymenotomy is a relatively easy medical procedure that can dramatically improve a woman’s quality of life. It usually takes about an hour to do, and the patient typically goes home the same day.

How is a Hymenotomy done?

A Hymenectomy is a minor surgical procedure to remove or open the hymen. It’s usually done to correct a malformation of the hymen that was present at birth, but it can also be needed to relieve pain or discomfort caused by sexual intercourse.

Abnormal Hymen Structures & Their Effects:

Cribriform hymens are abnormally shaped hymens that contain many small holes and make it difficult to insert a tampon or have sexual intercourse. Septate hymens are a condition where a band of extra tissue in the middle of the hymen creates two vaginal openings instead of one, making it harder to use a tampon and limiting menstrual blood flow.

The hymen is a piece of tissue near the vaginal opening that normally develops before puberty to allow normal menstruation and ovulation. Over time, the hymen can stretch and break. It can also become thick or hard.

What are the risks of a Hymenotomy?

A Hymenectomy is a minor surgical procedure that opens your hymen, removing it if necessary. This is usually done to correct a malformation of the hymen that was present at birth or that has been developing irregularly over time.

Causes & Effects:

Some people are born with a hymen that does not have the opening needed to allow menstrual effluent to flow freely, or a hymen that completely obstructs the vaginal opening. Other people have a cribriform hymen, in which there are many small holes in the hymen.

The Consequences of Abnormal Hymens:

Some people who have these abnormalities are not diagnosed until puberty, when they have trouble menstruating or inserting tampons. If left untreated, these abnormalities can cause pain during sex, infections, endometriosis, and problems with urinary retention or hydronephrosis (build-up of fluid in the kidneys).

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