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Iphone 14 Pro Max Rumors Revealed

Apple is preparing to launch its latest smartphone with the Iphone 14 Pro Max. The device is expected to be available for pre-order soon after the company announces the new model. The release date will be updated, but we will know for sure once Apple announces the model. It will likely ship with the iOS 16 update. It is rumored that Apple plans to add car crash detection with automatic 911 calling for 2022.

IPhone 14 Pro

Rumors have been circulating about Apple’s upcoming iPhone 14, which could sport a 48-megapixel camera. However, the standard model is most likely to come with just a dual-lens rear camera. As for the specifications, each iPhone 14 model is likely to be powered by the powerful A16 Bionic chip. There is no word on the capacity of the phone’s battery. It is possible that the phone will be thicker than its predecessors in order to accommodate a larger battery.

However, there are a few concerns with the new iPhone. Some sources are warning that the device may increase its price. The leak suggests that the standard model could be priced at $799, while the Max is expected to cost $1199. Apple’s decision to raise prices is a reflection of rising production costs. The price difference between the two devices has to be greater than $100, however, since Apple has a policy of keeping a $200 gap between the Po and non-Pro versions.

New Design

While we can’t be sure about the new design, we’ve been seeing leaks of alleged iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone fourteen Pro models. A number of CAD renders of the handset’s front panel have popped up online. One of them shows a pill-shaped cutout, which may be the Face ID dot projector. Another render suggests a hole-and-pill combination as the iPhone 14 Pro Max.


Apple might also switch the physical SIM card to an eSIM, which can’t be removed like the one in the iPhone 13 range. In this way, the eSIM could make the device thinner and more bulky. Apple may also switch to an eSIM-only model for the iPhone 14 range. Eventually, Apple might even release iPhone models with both types of SIM. If this happens, it will be interesting to see how the device is shaped.

Apple hasn’t yet confirmed or denied the rumoured 48-megapixel camera in the iPhone 14 Pro, but there are a number of rumours that point towards the fact that the camera is the same as in the standard iPhone 14.

In-display Fingerprint Reader

Some reports are pointing to the new iPhone as a 2022 model. One rumor is that certain models of the new iPhone might get rid of the notch, which houses the Face ID smarts. Although the notch has been present on every iPhone since the iPhone X, Apple is considering an in-display fingerprint reader. These would allow for more screen real estate. A notch isn’t the only thing that will change, but they certainly aren’t bad.

120-Hz Refresh Rate

According to Elec, the new iPhones may come with a 120-Hz refresh rate, but it really depends on the cost of manufacturing it. And since the iPhone 14 Pro Max is expected to come with a 120Hz screen, it could be a great deal for users. Having a high-refresh rate is always a plus. If the screen can be made to offer the highest quality viewing experience, it’s certainly worth it.

Mini Version

Apple’s fall iPhone event is rumored to be held in September and the new iPhone models will be released shortly afterward. However, it is hard to predict what Apple will do with the iPhone 14 lineup. Rumors suggest that the new iPhone will launch in four sizes, and the “Mini” model may be axed. And it’s also possible that the iPhone 14 will have a mini version. If you’re thinking about buying an iPhone 14, here’s what you need to know before purchasing one.

RAM Capacity

Apple has been pushing the iPhone’s RAM capacity higher in recent years, but the standard models only have fourGB. So, what can Apple do to increase its RAM capacity? According to Kuo, the iPhone 14 Pro and Max will feature 6GB of RAM. Meanwhile, the lower-end iPhones will remain on LPDDR4X memory. You might be able to get an iPhone 14 Pro Max with a 4GB RAM.



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