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Is Multi-Admin and Nearby Device Scanning Available to Everyone on the Samsung Matter Easy Pair?

The Samsung Matter Easy Pair is a smartphone that offers a lot of great features that you will enjoy. Among those features are Multi-Admin and Nearby Device Scanning. However, you might be wondering if these features are available to everyone. This is where this article comes in handy.


The multi-admin for Samsung Matter is a feature that lets users control devices from different smart home systems. Users can turn off lights from multiple systems at once. They can also share information across apps, which enables them to access and manage their devices locally.

It’s a streamlined way to manage your smart home. Previously, users had to create a number of different accounts for each system. However, Samsung and Google have teamed up to build a smoother Multi-Admin experience. In the coming weeks, the feature will roll out for compatible Samsung and Google devices.

SmartThings Platform

Samsung is adding support for Matter to its SmartThings platform. This will make it easier for users to find and add Matter-enabled devices. When a Matter-compatible device is set up in the SmartThings app, it will appear in the Google Home app. With this, you can easily control the device from your smartphone.

Samsung is also teaming up with Amazon to allow users to use Alexa with their SmartThings devices. You’ll be able to connect to your Amazon devices using your SmartThings account, making it easy to switch between systems.

Nearby Device Scanning

Samsung is making it easier to connect your smartphone to smart home accessories by adding a new feature called Matter Easy Pair. The feature works with Galaxy smartphones and will make finding and pairing compatible accessories easy.

Matter is an open standard for smart home technology. Developed by several tech companies, it makes it easy to control a variety of devices in the home from a single interface. You can save devices’ information and connect them to your smart home.

Fast Pair

Google has also rolled out a similar feature, called Fast Pair, for its Android smartphone users. Nearby Device Scanning works by scanning nearby compatible devices and displaying the appropriate popup when a device is near.

The latest version of the Nearby Device Scanning app also adds a “SmartThings” service. This service will let you pair compatible products from the SmartThings platform.

Aside from delivering Nearby Device Scanning and Matter Easy Pair, the updated app also improves system stability and performance. It features bug fixes and an expanded Matter Easy Pair popup UI.

Galaxy SmartTag Plus

Samsung has released a new Smart Tag for Galaxy owners. It is Bluetooth powered and uses ultra wide band (UWB) technology. This allows users to track items in real-time.

The Samsung SmartTag is a small dongle that can be paired to various objects. You can attach the tag to your keys, bag, wallet, luggage, and even family pets. When you lose a valuable item, you can use the app on your mobile to find it.

Private ID Function

The tag also has a Private ID function that randomly changes the device’s id every 15 minutes. This means that you won’t accidentally connect to the wrong device. In addition to that, it has a battery that lasts about a year.

When you are out of range, you can still find the tag by listening to the familiar ringtone. If you don’t hear the ringtone, the phone will ring until you do. Using the smartphone’s camera, you can use augmented reality to find the location of the tag.

Coming soon

Samsung is adding support for Matter Easy Pair, a new fast pairing feature for smart home devices. This service works like Google Fast Pair, but for all Galaxy devices. With it, you can easily set up Smart Home appliances.

Samsung is one of the many tech giants that have been developing Matter, a new smart home standard. This interoperability standard will make devices work better together. Its aim is to solve the connectivity problems that plague Smart Home systems today.

Official Announcement

Matter will be compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Home, and it should be available in homes within the next few months. Other brands are expected to release products, as well. But Samsung is the first to officially announce certification of Matter.

Last week, Samsung launched an update for its Nearby Device Scanning feature, which will keep track of nearby Matter-compatible smart home accessories. You’ll receive a popup alert when a device is detected.



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