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Riot Games Expands Its Esports Business

If you are a fan of esports, you’ve probably heard of Riot Games. This company owns and operates the international League of Legends League, which includes the World Championship and Valorant Champions Tour. Riot also sells merchandise, corporate sponsorships, and streaming rights. While the company is a leading name in the gaming industry, Riot has faced some legal issues, including allegations of a toxic workplace culture and forced arbitration.

League of Legends

If you’re a newbie to “League of Legends,” you may be wondering where to start. The game has been around for nearly nine years, and its massive player base is a testament to its popularity. While League of Legends may have launched with just 20 champions, the game’s popularity has since skyrocketed. There are now more than 140 characters available, and the game’s constant updates are a testament to its popularity.

Despite the game’s early days, Riot Games has managed to build up a strong infrastructure to support the growing game’s popularity. In 2011, they were able to sell a majority of the company’s shares to Chinese gaming giant Tencent for $350 million. While this was a relatively small sum, it was significant for Riot because at the time, LoL had only two million monthly active users and a skewed Asian demographic. Eighty percent of players are in Asia, and the game’s fan base is so large that it has its own nightly television show in Korea.

Dota Auto Chess

It was the release of the Dota Auto Chess game that first made the genre a sensation. Other games in the genre include Dota Underlords, Teamfight Tactics, and Hearthstone Battlegrounds. With Dota Auto Chess, the game’s popularity has grown to a worldwide audience. This is good news for fans of the game, as it could become a lucrative side project for Riot Games.

As the number of players in League of Legends has increased, Riot Games has added a new game mode inspired by Dota Auto Chess. This mode requires players to use their best team composition to win. Players can build their teams by spending gold in the store and recruiting champions. Champions with shared origins unlock bonuses, while duplicates can combine to form ultimate and super versions of themselves. Riot Games is a well-known developer of MOBA games, and the Dota Auto Chess mode has made its mark in the game’s popularity.

In Game Store

Riot Games introduced the in-game store in October 2009 with the release of League of Legends. There are 40 playable characters to choose from. In the store, you can purchase cosmetic items, boosts, and prepaid cards. You can also purchase bundles of store items for a discounted price, or to obtain exclusive content. For example, you can buy all of the items in a Heroes’ set for less than $120!

In the past, Riot games have been available for download exclusively from their website. However, the move allows competitors to offer their games as well, which is a radical shift in Riot’s strategy. Riot Games also launched a new TV series, Arcane, which is tied to the game. In addition to the new game store, Riot will also be offering several other in-game promotions, such as a free season of League of Legends.

Streaming Rights for its Professional Sports League

As a result of a recent agreement with BAMTech, the streaming technology division of Major League Baseball, Riot Games has the exclusive streaming rights for its professional sports league. The company plans to launch a dedicated streaming app in 2017 that will allow fans to watch its competitions. The streaming content will be distributed to other platforms as well. This partnership with BAMTech is expected to help Riot Games grow its revenue. Streaming competitive video game championships is a good way to create more opportunities for the game developer.

Although the monetary value of the deal has not been disclosed, it is believed to be in the region of $113 million. Riot Games has previously sold streaming rights to one platform. The Chinese rights were purchased in August, with the World Championship, Mid-Season Invitational, and All-Star Event being aired on Bilibili. The company has not revealed which language the matches will be broadcasted in.

Office Space Rented by Riot Games

A new lease has been signed by eSports game developer Riot Games on the Westside of Manhattan. The new lease is for 200,000 square feet at West Edge, a mixed-use complex near Olympic Boulevard and Bundy Drive. Riot Games has also leased 284,000 square feet at Element LA, a neighboring Hudson Pacific Properties office campus. The rent for the new space is estimated at USD 239,760 per year.

The company will be located at 49 West 23rd Street, and will occupy a five-year lease for $240,000 per year. Riot Games currently has offices in Santa Monica and Saint Louis, but will soon be expanding its presence in the US. In addition to New York, the company has offices in Dublin, Moscow, and Sao Paulo. Riot Games’ New York City headquarters will be home to employees who work on eSports content.

Revenue Streams for Riot Games

Revenue streams for Riot Games can be split into two main categories: advertising and microtransactions. Riot’s three mobile games collectively generated more than $36.5 million in revenue during the second quarter of 2021, an increase of more than 50 percent over the same period last year. The largest percentage of mobile game revenue came from the United States, which accounted for 26 percent of total player spending. South Korea and Brazil followed closely behind, bringing in a combined 6.5 percent of total revenue.

Last year, Riot reported over $1.6 billion in revenue. Of that money, about half came from video content streaming and corporate consumer sponsorships. The rest came from live events, physical merchandise, and RP sales. Riot sold 1.2 billion RP to gamers and put 25 percent of that into prize pools. As such, the company’s revenue stream has become more lucrative and sustainable than ever. However, Riot isn’t done yet.



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