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Solving LEGO Riddles – Brain Teasers for Brick Builders

LEGO Riddles – Problem solving is one of the key skills kids develop as they grow up. It’s a skill that can be developed through regular play and LEGO is a great toy for that.

In LEGO Bricktales, players solve physics-based puzzles by snapping, rotating, and balancing individual Lego pieces to build structures that don’t break. It’s an excellent way to get kids interested in building and physics, and the game’s diorama worlds are consistently beautiful.LEGO Riddles


Brain Teasers are fun ways to challenge and engage kids with LEGO building, as well as develop reasoning skills. These challenges are also perfect for LEGO clubs, classes, or groups, and can even be used at home with your family game night.

One of the best ways to challenge a child’s reasoning skills is to have them solve puzzles that make 10 x 10 squares. It’s also a great way to test out their creativity – have them design puzzles that are different shapes.

Encouraging Creative Thinking Through Puzzles and Riddles:

For example, if you have a puzzle that is made up of four identical rectangular bricks, see if they can identify the corners and vertices by color. If you find they don’t, you may want to change the shape of the pieces.

Another good way to test a child’s thinking is to have them solve a riddle that requires them to arrange wares on a stall in a specific order. This is a great way to build up a kid’s confidence, as they’ll have to work out how to place things in a particular order.

Incorporating Curves and Arches Into Building Exercises:

These exercises are also a good way to teach a child about scale, which is an important aspect of building. They’ll be able to recognize when it’s appropriate to use bigger pieces for structures, and how to incorporate curves and arches into their builds.


Solving LEGO Riddles – Brain Teasers for Brick Builders is a series of puzzles that build on existing skills and challenge children to use their brains to solve logical problems. They are perfect for introducing students to communication and teamwork concepts, as well as teaching STEM concepts in a fun way.

Unconventional Side of LEGO Games:

While the majority of games that feature LEGO elements – from the TT Games template of light combat and simple brainteasers to more complex action-adventure titles like Star Wars, Jurassic World or The Lord of the Rings – have come to represent the IP as a series of block-placing puzzles, LEGO Bricktales takes a much different approach to the franchise. It’s a charming little adventure game that makes excellent use of the Lego platformer’s familiar building mechanic.

LEGO’s Fun and Engaging Puzzles with Metriodvania-style Exploration:

However, while each section presents a mini-adventure with a variety of puzzles to overcome, the way these stories coalesce leaves much to be desired. It would have been far better had LEGO Bricktales been a pure puzzle title, rather than attempting to inject some Metroidvania elements into the mix.

Despite these issues, LEGO Builder’s Journey is a very engaging and charming game that feels like the ideal way to get kids building with their favourite bricks. Its physics-based puzzle designs are a breath of fresh air, and the detailed dioramas are consistently beautiful to look at.


Solving LEGO Riddles – Brain Teasers for Brick Builders is a fun and open-ended LEGO building challenge that’s perfect for a LEGO club, class, or family game night. Using LEGO Bricktales, builders will solve a variety of puzzles across worlds that range from the deepest jungle to sun-drenched deserts to bustling city corners.

For example, in the Market Square area, one merchant needs to arrange their wares in a specific order. He wants them to be in the right direction and in the correct order so that they will be easy for customers to find. Using the clues he provides, you must build a structure that allows his wares to be in the proper place and for them to be in the right order.

Conquer the Droid Quarter and Claim Your Kyber Brick:

Then, in the Droid Quarter area, you must use the net launcher and climb pieces to get to a Kyber Brick that is located on top of a rooftop. You’ll need to get there, then use another character to unlock the door. Then, you’ll have to use the pressure lock in order to unlock it again and get the Kyber Brick out.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, these challenges will give you a chance to test your creativity and improvise. And, the best part is, all of these challenges can be done with your LEGO bricks that you already have!

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