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Tencent to Buy iDreamSky

While the name Tencent may sound familiar, few people outside of China have heard of the company. The company was founded in Shenzhen in 1998, and enjoys massive popularity in the Chinese market. Tencent’s logo, which is similar to that of McDonald’s, has become synonymous with Chinese family-friendly organisation, says Kerry Allen, a media analyst for the BBC in China. It connects people with one another in the digital age.


WeChat is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. It is owned by Tencent, the company behind QQ Mail and other popular Western products. While it has a diverse portfolio of businesses, its messaging services are arguably its most successful. It is so popular that US President Donald Trump recently targeted the Chinese version of WeChat and ordered US companies to stop doing business with Tencent. In fact, WeChat has more than a billion users.

Most product managers focus on building “sticky” features and driving retention metrics. However, Zhang is concerned that users are spending too much time using a single feature, detracting from their other valuable activities. In response, WeChat emphasizes efficiency and quick task completion. To that end, Zhang says the company compares WeChat to Google. By focusing on speed and ease, WeChat can achieve its goal of becoming a “one-stop-shop” for all social media needs.


While the controversy over the privacy of user data on Tencent TikTok is far from over, it is certainly worth monitoring. Tencent’s parent company ByteDance in Beijing owns the social video app. The company has stepped up its efforts to stifle the use of the app for sexy videos. On March 31, the company removed 41,191 videos related to the conflict in Ukraine. As a result, Russian users will no longer be able to view new videos from outside of Russia. This action was taken in response to a Russian law that criminalizes spreading fake news and other forms of misinformation. Violators could face jail time.

The company has made significant investments in rivals such as Zynn and Douyin. These investments may have implications for the company’s future licensing negotiations. While TikTok remains in a relatively healthy position, it will face significant challenges in growing its user base and revenue. In particular, the company plans to add revenue generation tools to influencers and further distance itself from its Chinese roots. At the same time, it plans to avoid regulatory scrutiny. The company may face significant challenges due to Zynn and Tencent.


The net proceeds of the sale of iDreamSky will be used for general working capital, self-developed games and offline stores. The company is also involved in the strategic planning of the iDreamSky world, as well as other services for digital content creators. Founded in 2004, iDreamSky has more than 100 million active users, with a large number of users from overseas.

The Chinese company’s largest competitor, Riot Games, focuses on online multiplayer battle arena games and other eSports. The company’s strategy has been to acquire game studios with large user bases and then push their microtransactions into those games. This has led to the infamous Gears of War franchise becoming one of the worst games in the series. The franchise is still filled with microtransactions, even though it is owned by Microsoft.

NExT Studios

A new division of the renowned Chinese game developer Tencent, NXT Studios aims to create games that bring new technologies and gameplay to gamers. The division has developed games spanning various genres and platforms, and aims to achieve the best game experiences for all gamers. Its core value of “New Experience and Technology” drives the development of games combining cutting-edge technology and creativity. The studio will work with game developers to bring innovative and highly engaging experiences to players.

While the company is known for its massive portfolio of mobile games, the company has also branched out into the global gaming market. It has acquired several foreign gaming studios and has begun collaborating with them. It plans to sell its own game studios in the near future, and has many more in development. This way, it can ensure the longevity of its games. And since the company has such a diverse portfolio of gaming studios, it can be said that it is a reliable partner for game developers.

Epic Games

As the company prepares for an IPO, investors are paying close attention to its development pipeline. Despite a positive financial outlook, Epic Games has had its fair share of troubles. After the company’s acquisition by Tencent, CEO Cliff Bleszinski resigned, citing personal reasons. Tencent’s involvement has made things more complicated for Bleszinski. The deal has also left the company with a lot of questions.

In June 2012, Tencent acquired a minority stake in the video game studio that makes “Fortnite.” The company didn’t disclose the price, but CEO Craig Sweeney told Polygon that the Chinese internet giant paid $330 million for 48.4 percent of Epic’s stock. While the deal largely did not come as a surprise, it has caused some employees to quit the company, including Mike Capps and Cliff Bleszinski. The new investors will hope to utilize this money wisely.



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