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The Different Types of Limousines

The history of the limousine dates back to the early 1900s. The first motorized limousine was manufactured in 1902. While the driver had to sit outside, there was an enclosed compartment inside. It seated between three and five people. The stretch limousine was introduced in 1928. Although it was initially only used to transport jazz stars, the increased seating capacity soon caught on with other groups. The stretch limousine became the standard vehicle used by celebrities and other VIPs alike.

Stretch Limos

A bill passed in California recently would mandate seat belts for stretch limousine passengers. The law will apply to vehicles manufactured or altered after that date. These seat belts must be accessible and readily visible. The limousines also must have an appropriate sign encouraging passengers to wear seat belts. The bill would also require the state’s Department of Transportation (DOT) to conduct annual safety inspections of stretch limousines. While this measure seems to be a good idea, it will likely only be effective if it is passed into law.

One of the most luxurious limousines is the Mercedes-Benz Maybach, which has been compared to a private jet on wheels. It seats eight people and comes with the most high-tech entertainment system. A Chrysler 300 stretch limousine comes with luxurious seats, state-of-the-art entertainment systems, LCD plasma screens, and party lighting. Its laser light show and stereo sound system make it an excellent choice for a Hollywood party night or an elegant wedding.

Lincoln Town Car

The standard model Lincoln Town Car limousine is one of the most popular models in the livery fleet. They’re designed for comfort and convenience, especially for larger groups. The Lincoln Town Car was manufactured between 1959 and 1984, and is now considered one of the most expensive limousines in the world. It’s a great choice for events such as weddings, corporate functions, or other special occasions. However, the model is no longer manufactured by Ford.

The owner of this limo has added a Rustoleum bedliner paint job and hand-grenade hood ornament, which he calls “total head turners.” The vehicle is for sale at $4,950. While it has 330,000 miles and is in need of some repairs, this luxurious limousine has become a favorite among wedding and corporate clients. However, the shock absorbers are in need of replacement, and the seller is willing to negotiate a lower price to make the sale.

Cadillac XTS

The Cadillac XTS is the Cadillac of luxury limousines. This stretch limousine has been a favorite among corporate clients and wedding parties alike. Its interior features black leather seating and a large bar area. Other features of the Cadillac XTS include a sound system with eight speakers and HD Radio or SiriusXM. The interior’s lighting can also be synchronized with the music playing through the vehicle’s speakers.

The Cadillac XTS features an all-new body style and a fifth door for added safety. Seating up to six passengers, this vehicle is ideal for business functions, as well as nighttime outing. Its elegant design and ample space make it the perfect vehicle for a night out on the town. A wedding, prom, or family gathering can all be made more memorable in the luxury of a Cadillac XTS.

Lincoln Navigator

If you’re looking for a luxurious SUV limousine, then look no further than the Lincoln Navigator. With its rich interiors, magnificent styling, power under the hood, and Lincoln name, it’s easy to see why this limousine is popular among many people. Its luxurious appearance appeals to both the young and old alike, and it’s the perfect choice for a wedding or a night out on the town. If you want to make your wedding or other special event extra special, you’ll want to book a Navigator limousine.

The 20-22-passenger model of the Lincoln Navigator is an exclusive to Expo Limousine Boston. The pictures below are actual photos of the vehicle; they are not stock photos. The interior of this limousine is equipped with leather seating, wood floors, a Disco ceiling, and two bars. The vehicle also has a built-in AM/FM stereo, a DVD player, and a six-color fiber optic bar. All of this gives you the perfect atmosphere for a bachelorette party or a wedding.

Chrysler 300

The Chrysler 300 limousine offers true luxury. Its black interior is incredibly spacious, with seating for eight people. It features power privacy dividers and a full-size bar. There’s even a DVD player and flat-screen television. You can even serve champagne in a beautiful Champagne glass holder. With the Chrysler 300 limousine, you’ll never have to worry about your passengers feeling cramped. It is the perfect choice for a bachelor party.

The Chrysler 300 limo is available in black, white, and platinum. The latter two colors have the distinction of being the most elegant and sophisticated. Black is also the most popular color for Chrysler 300 limos, and it is available in all four body styles. While black isn’t the most fashionable color, it is still highly versatile and is a great choice for any occasion. The Chrysler 300 is also great for corporate transportation and airport transfers.



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