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Top 5 Konami Video Games

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid is a video game developed by Konami and released in 1998 for the PlayStation. It is the third installment in the Metal Gear series and is directed and produced by Hideo Kojima. It follows the success of Metal Gear MSX2 and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake. The game has become a popular classic among gamers.

In this action-packed video game, players assume the role of Solid Snake, a top-secret agent. His mission is to break into a nuclear weapons disposal facility to rescue hostages, eliminate terrorists, and prevent the nuclear launch. This game features a wide variety of action-packed action sequences that are sure to satisfy any gaming fan.

Silent Hill

The latest chapter of Konami’s Silent Hill series, titled Silent Hill F, is currently in development. It’s a reimagining of the Silent Hill franchise, set in the 1960s Japan. It’s written by Ryukishi07, the same author of the visual novel series When They Cry. It will feature a young girl in tattered clothes who is taken over by a mysterious plant. After becoming possessed, the young girl will eventually turn into a monster. Unfortunately, the game is not yet available for Xbox One.

Currently, it’s unclear when the game will be released. The developers haven’t shared specific plans for release, but the game’s creators have confirmed that a remake is on the way. The original game was released more than a decade ago, and a sequel was planned. But what can we expect from this new spin-off? Hopefully, it will be a reimagined and updated version of the series.


The TMNT video game series is renowned for re-contextualizing the characters and concepts of the animated show. While many games of this genre relied on power-ups to make gameplay easier, Konami’s TMNT relied on environmental situations, unconventional objects, and combat-heavy game designs. This led to a much darker and bleak experience than fans may have initially anticipated.

The Cowabunga Collection is a compilation of 13 classic games from the Konami TMNT series. It is expected to be released on Nintendo Switch and other platforms in the future. It is expected to feature Japanese and English versions, as well as online support.


Contra is a series of action games that are based on a simple arcade platformer. The first game of the series introduced the concept of power-ups, two-player cooperative gameplay, and light mobility. It also introduced the concept of pseudo-3D bases. Contra is played through a series of stages, which vary in size and difficulty. The player must destroy electrified barriers and wall targets within a predetermined amount of time to advance to the next stage. The game’s main character, Contra, has an arsenal of two weapons and smart bombs, and the player must use them to get to the next level. The game’s arcade version has longer stages, while the NES and Famicom versions are modified extensively. The Famicom version also uses the VRC2 chip, which allows for additional background animation and cutscenes.

The original arcade game featured a top-down view of the stage, upgradable weapons, and character jumping height control. The NES version, later called Super Contra, introduced three new stages and a new final boss. The game also introduced the concept of power-ups, and players could upgrade the weapons and ammunition to customize the game’s difficulty. Contra also featured a DOS and Amiga version, called Super C. It also featured a crouching mode, which allowed players to change their weapon at any time.


The Zone of the Enders is a video game series focused on combat in space and Orbital Frames. The first game was released in 2001 for the PlayStation 2 and was followed by a sequel in 2003. There are several games in the franchise, each of which has its own style of combat. The games are primarily action-packed and offer great replay value.

The first game was a disappointment, but the sequel is much improved. While ZOE explores the loss of innocence, 2167 IDOLO is more about colonialism and revenge. The third game in the series, Dolores, deals with the tensions and emotional conflicts within a family.



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