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Top 6 Netflix K-Dramas of 2021

The top six Netflix K-dramas of 2021 are set to be some of the most anticipated films of the year. The genre has evolved from its damsel in distress origins to have a strong female lead. The recent release of the film Why Her has given it a much-needed boost. This year’s releases also make for an exciting list of Netflix originals. With the emergence of more global TV channels, the number of original K-dramas on Netflix has increased tremendously.


Vincenzo is an Italian mafia lawyer and consigliere who returns to his homeland to defend a small business coterie against a corrupt CEO. While Vincenzo looks very serious, he’s actually quite funny. And while the show is full of action-packed scenes and tons of heart-pounding climaxes, it’s also pure escapist TV. It’s a must watch for anyone who enjoys escapist television.

The premise of the show is that the incoming CEO of Babel Group has a hidden agenda and plans to steal the building’s valuable art pieces. Vincenzo’s motives are complicated as he tries to charm the young bank president into investing in Babel. The plot also involves a shady businessman who is a threat to his life. But Vincenzo is able to find his true killers by channeling spirits and using high-tech techniques.

2.You Are My Spring

The Korean drama You Are My Spring has made Netflix a strong platform for South Korean content. The series features a great cast and many episodes to watch. It is also a great example of how relationships can heal old wounds. The first episode of the drama reveals that the main character, Da-jeong, had a troubled childhood. She was raised by an abusive father, and suffered many failed relationships. As a result, she is subconsciously attracted to troubled men. She hopes to help them in some way, but realizes that the only way she can do that is to recreate the misery she experienced as a child. Yeong-do argues that the k-drama is about making up for past mistakes.

The story is a fusion of a romantic drama and a thriller. Both actors capture the chemistry between the leads. It is also the first Netflix K-drama to include a recurring character, which is a welcome addition. You Are My Spring is an excellent drama for both lovers and those who enjoy romance and thrillers. Streaming it on Netflix will be a wise decision.

3.Juvenile Justice

One of the most compelling dramas on Netflix in recent years, Juvenile Justice consistently provides great dialogue and realistic stories. This show stresses the importance of victims’ rights and the inequity of the criminal justice system. Each episode took an unbiased approach to juvenile criminal depictions, exposing all sides of the story. It demonstrates that certain scenarios are more complicated than they seem. Furthermore, it never portrays one-dimensional characters.

The show follows a headstrong judge who dislikes juvenile offenders. Kim Hye-soo, who plays the headstrong judge Sim Eun-soo, is appointed to a district with the highest rate of juvenile delinquency. While trying to protect the children from the evils of society, Sim Eun-soo makes unorthodox decisions that will change the course of history.

4.Squid Game

Netflix’s new series “Squid Game” has captured international attention with its intriguing concept. The story follows four hundred sixty six contestants as they battle for cash. The story is based on a popular Korean childhood game. In addition to its intriguing storyline, this show has a number of other exciting elements, including romance and action. Listed below are some of the best Netflix K-dramas of 2021.

Squid Game, Netflix’s latest Korean drama, is the most popular show on the streaming service, attracting millions of viewers in just a week. It’s spawned a host of conspiracy theories and is already garnering new fans from K-drama enthusiasts as well as those who have never seen the show before. So, what makes Squid Game one of the top K-dramas on Netflix?

5.Record of Youth

In Record of Youth, we follow two ambitious young adults in the cutthroat world of showbiz and fashion. Park Bo-Gum plays Sa Hye-Joon, a promising part-time model who dreams of being an actor. She is a troubled artist, however, and struggles to find acting gigs. An Jeong-ha, on the other hand, dreams of being a makeup artist, but her mom prefers she works at a normal office job. Together, they strive to achieve their dreams.

In the year 2020, rom-coms have taken over the Korean television scene, and the year 2020 has delivered with several great titles. Among them are Kingdom 2 and Love Alarm, which both won awards at the Cannes Film Festival. And then there is Record Of Youth, which is Park Bo-Gum’s first small-screen project since 2018. He also appeared in JTBC’s Itaewon Class.


In a webtoon series, Navillera follows two characters with unique backgrounds: 70-year-old Deok-Chool and 23-year-old Chae-Rok. Both dream of performing in ballet performances, and the premise of Navillera is an unusual one. The two main characters come together in the most unexpected ways. The 70-year-old Shim Deok-Chool shares the dream of becoming a ballerina, but has failed to pursue it. With a little help from his grandmother, he realizes that he has the talent to do so.

In addition to its sweeping plot, Navillera has plenty of impressive cast members. Park In-hwan, Song Kang, Na Moon-hee, and Hong Seung-hwa will all star in the story. As a leading role, Park In-hwan is promising. Meanwhile, Song Kang, Hong Seung-hee, and Ji-min are all well-known for their roles.



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