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Top Five Anime Movies of All Time

List of Top 5 Anime Movies is always a tough one to make, but these movies are definitely worth the watch! This list includes Paprika, Grave of the Fireflies, Night on the Galactic Railroad, and Tekkonkinkreet. Let’s explore these movies and decide which ones we should watch next! And don’t forget to vote for your favorite!


Tekkonkinkreet is an excellent example of the art of combining fantasy and realism. Its world is a blend of psychedelic landscapes and recognizable architecture. Despite its rough visuals and strange movements, Tekkonkinkreet is one of the best anime movies ever made. It received several awards, including the Japan Academy Prize for Animation and the Mainichi Film Award.

The world of Tekkonkinkreet is simultaneously hopeful and grim, and both admires and repulses its young protagonists. It’s ultimately about the futility of urban life, filtered through the adventures of these boys. Even the sci-fi overtones lend the film a nervous energy. The story itself is compelling, and the art is top-notch.


Paprika is an incredibly beautiful and captivating anime film that explores the idea of technology entering the human mind. It was directed by Satoshi Kon, and centers around a doctor’s secretive use of a dream-entry device, which she calls Paprika. The doctor secretly treats patients in their dreams with the help of her virtual avatar, only to find that it has been stolen by an unknown individual. The story follows Doctor Atsuko Chiba, who is thrown into a world of twisted nightmares after the device is stolen.

Paprika is also very different from other anime movies. It’s about the impact of technology on human life, and how that technology can either be a blessing or a curse. Despite this, Paprika remains one of the most beloved anime movies of all time, and it’s a remarkably well-made movie, as compared to many others.

3.Night on the Galactic Railroad

Adapted from the 1927 novel, Night on the Galactic Railroad is a mystical, philosophical journey for two anthropomorphised children, which is not only a delight for the imagination, but also highly entertaining. As with most of Kitamura’s works, the film borrows heavily from the original novel. A brief CPM trailer, a capsule bio of the author Kenji Miyazawa, and an art gallery of about a dozen photos round out the disc.

Night on the Galactic Railroad is a slow and dreamlike journey through space, based on the popular children’s novel by the same name by Japanese writer Kenji Miyazawa. The film follows a young boy named Giovanni as he travels by faster-than-light train. Its stations are filled with a range of curious adventures and “types” of human beings. The movie is a fantastic adventure for children, but also explores themes of death, self-sacrifice, and spirituality.

4.Grave of the Fireflies

If you’re looking for an anti-war movie, Grave of the Fireflies is a great choice. This dark-themed anime follows a brother and sister during World War II and depicts the brutality of war and the suffering of human beings. It has been deemed a political statement, but we don’t think so. It’s a beautiful film that takes on some difficult topics.

The film’s ending and over-the-top facial expressions are typical anime fare, but there is also a heart-warming message for teens. The movie is full of symbolism with fireflies, as well as hope and perseverance. Considering the current state of the world, these are messages that are needed now more than ever. Hayao Miyazaki is Japan’s godfather of animation, so there’s a lot to love about this film.

5.Spirited Away

Following the success of Princess Mononoke, Hayao Miyazaki considered retiring and working on personal projects. He was then appointed successor to Yoshifumi Kondo. However, he soon discovered a daughter of Seiji Okuda, the father of the main character in Spirited Away. Chihiro was modeled after his real-life father, Seiji. The film is still popular two decades after its initial release.

While the movie is full of heart-warming moments, the film is still one of the most touching, sentimental, and astute works of animation ever made. Hayao Miyazaki is arguably the greatest animator in history, and he nailed the animation style of Spirited Away. The film’s unique blend of realistic-ness and fantasy is the key to its longevity. It’s a story about balancing our good with our bad.



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