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What is the Recondo Prod?

MACV Recondo is the latest and greatest product that is geared to help businesses manage their authorizations. This is something that is gaining popularity because it allows you to manage user access to all of your files and websites. It also allows you to manage your authorizations through a single program, which makes it easy for you to perform all of your authorization management tasks in one place.

General Westmoreland’s Recondo Prod

During the Vietnam War, General Westmoreland’s Recondo School changed the mindset of American soldiers. The school, officially named MACV Recondo School, trained allied forces and the United States Army.

Westmoreland’s strategy relied on superior firepower, but he omitted certain irregular forces. His goal was to destroy the enemy’s strength in order to end the war.

His staff briefed the press on his plan to reach a “crossover point” when U.S. forces killed more enemy troops than they could replace.

A CIA analyst disagreed with MACV’s numbers, and continued to do so after the Tet Offensive of 1968. Ultimately, the CIA accepted MACV’s numbers, but the American public stopped listening to MACV.

Westmoreland was a decorated World War II veteran, and was the chief of staff of the Ninth Division when it entered Germany in 1944. He was appointed as a deputy to General Paul Harkins, and took charge of the US military effort in Vietnam in 1964. In 1964, he became a full four-star general. He was also the secretary of general staff, and the director of the Army manpower control office.

MACV Recondo

During the Vietnam War, the Military Assistance Command, Vietnam – Studies and Observations Group (MACV) was a division of the United States Army. It was located in Nha Trang, South Vietnam. In addition to providing training for American soldiers, the MACV was also tasked with training allied forces.

The MACV Recondo School was a three week course designed to teach allied forces how to navigate the jungles of Vietnam. The course consisted of instruction in small boats, advanced military free-fall training, and immediate action drills. The MACV Recondo School was backed by liaisons from the Australian and South Korean governments.

The MACV Recondo School’s motto was “Smart and Smarter,” and the final exam was an actual mission in the field of Vietnam. A commemorative bronze coin was minted for those interested in the history of the MACV Recondo School.


Using a machine learning technology, Recondo Prod enables health care providers to automate tasks such as patient identification and prior authorization processing. It also ensures efficient profits cycle management and delivers a better patient experience, all while helping providers get paid faster. It connects more than 900 hospitals and medical groups across the country.

Recondo’s Auth-DP is a cloud-based SaaS platform that automates nearly all of the process. Previously, hospitals had to manually obtain prior authorizations from insurers and other entities. With Recondo’s solution, these transactions are processed in as little as 60 seconds. This solution lowered the cost of prior authorizations, reduced staffing requirements and improved workflow efficiency. It also boasts the industry’s most comprehensive rules library, which helps automate virtually every authorization process imaginable.

Authorization Management

Obtaining prior authorizations from payers is an increasingly common process for hospitals. Typically, a staff member must visit the payer’s website and copy and paste patient data into the system. This is cumbersome, time-consuming and can erode a hospital’s financial bottom line.

Recondo has developed a software suite called Auth-DP, which automates the entire prior authorization process. The Auth-DP software suite regularly queries payers to determine status, pre-fills necessary data, and ensures authorizations are secured prior to service. This increases employee productivity, reduces days out on notification of authorization status, and saves millions of dollars.

The Auth-DP solution is powered by the company’s patented ReconBots, which log into the payer’s website on behalf of the provider. The ReconBots then bring back detailed responses from the payer. This results in accurate estimates for financial planning and pre-service collection.



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