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Wolfenstein: The New Order Game Review

The game was developed by MachineGames, a company that acquired the Franchise rights from id Software. The development team envisioned a first-person action-adventure game with elements of adventure and combat. The game attempts to further develop the hero Blazkowicz and further his career in an unfailingly heroic fashion. There are some definite flaws to the game, however, so be sure to check out our review of Wolfenstein: The New Order before you buy it.


The New Order is a soft reboot of the Wolfenstein series and the ninth installment of the game franchise. It was developed by MachineGames and published by Bethesda Softworks. It uses the id Tech 5 game engine and drops references to the veil. Unlike the previous games, the New Order has no multiplayer component. However, you can play as BJ or one of the other protagonists.

The New Order features a cast of more than 30 characters. Many of them have a history with the Wolfenstein series, and a few are new to the franchise. While Heavy Rain was more consistent with characters and storylines, Wolfenstein: The New Order offers an interesting new perspective. Characters are fleshed-out and fully developed, and the game has many memorable scenes. Some characters even have unique personalities.

Combat Styles

The game offers several different combat styles that give players the opportunity to experiment with their approach to the game. You can play stealthily or go all guns blazing, depending on your personal preference. While you can also dual-wield weapons, these options become increasingly difficult later on in the game, when Nazis in giant mechanical uniforms are waiting for you. But for those who enjoy the variety of combat styles, this game is sure to please.

The game takes place during 1946, and it starts with the player spearheading a last-ditch attack on the Third Reich’s headquarters. But he takes shrapnel to the head, causing him to spend fourteen years in a vegetative state. This time, Blazkowicz emerges from a mental institution as a blunt instrument with some impressive skills. As he recovers, however, he will have to face a swarm of monsters, including the infamous Borg.

Armor Upgrades

While weapons and armor are the foundation of survival in Wolfenstein: The New Order, you can make both more potent and useful by upgrading them. Armor upgrades will increase total armor by +10, while weapon upgrades are class specific and allow you to mount an under-barrel rocket launcher and silencer on your weapons. You can find more information about these upgrades and their use in the video below. However, these upgrades are more useful to the player if they are focused on one particular class or weapon.

In Wolfenstein: The New Order, players can acquire Armor Upgrades by acquiring enemy helmets. Armor Upgrades can be found in several locations throughout the game. You can find these items in locked closets. They look like a bronze statue of a soldier holding a shield. Once you find one of these, you can pick it up by pressing the action key or action button. If you want to collect all three, you should do so before moving on to the next area.


In an alternate universe where the Axis won the war, the plot of Wolfenstein: The New Order revolves around an OSA agent, Bill Blazkowicz. His mission is to assassinate General Deathshead, but his unit is destroyed by Nazi forces. He survives the massacre, but suffers a critical head injury and is put in a coma. After he awakens, he decides to lead the Resistance team to freedom.

The storyline of Wolfenstein: The New Order revolves around a character who is driven by two primary motivations – to kill Nazis and to save his girlfriend, Anya. He eventually joins an underground group of allies to bring down the Nazi regime. As a result, the game evokes an authentic sense of investment in the protagonist’s character. But, is Wolfenstein: The New Order really worth the hype?



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